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Physician Testimonials at Line by Line

Below are actual physician, client and transcriptionist testimonials which are 100% unbiased.

Physician Testimonials

"I have been using Line by Line for my radiology transcription needs since 2005. The turnaround is unmatchable and the personalized service is top notch.  I am always able to talk live to Kelly or my personal transcriptionists and they are always willing to accommodate any immediate requests with accuracy and no added cost.  I realize there are voice recognition systems available in the marketplace, but the gain in time savings and convenience in using top-of-the-line human transcription makes perfect economic sense to me." – James Fleckenstein, M.D., Radiologist, Cancer Imaging Specialists

"We have used Line by Line transcription as long as I can remember... maybe since 1995. When I changed medical groups in 2000, and became administrator of this current clinic, one of my first decisions was to bring Line by Line on board to continue the good service we have always enjoyed. There are always offers to do our transcription at a lower price, but we cannot afford anything but the top quality we get on these complex documents. Thanks Kelly Willis for many years of top quality and professionalism."  -  George Heath, Administrator, C-I Medical Group DFW

"Kelly, we have been extremely pleased with your firm services since 2000. Transcriptions are extremely accurate (despite our diverse accents) and turnaround time is very fast. Your rates have been very competitive. You have always have been available and responsive to our questions, concerns and requests. Great and very personalized service. Keep up the good work." – Maria Juarez, M.D., Dallas Oncology Consultants

"I have been using Line by Line transcription since 2004.  I have been consistently impressed with the excellent work of the staff.  Reports are always returned promptly, formatted precisely, and, most importantly, free of spelling errors.  Stat reports are always returned promptly, and everyone at line by line is extremely friendly.  On the rare occasions where my imaging centers have lost or cannot locate a report, they are able to retrieve it promptly.  I have tried automated and voice-activated systems, but I much prefer the ability to reach a person who is pleasant and who can help me immediately". – Ken Jones, M.D., Radiologist, Texas Radiology Specialists

"I am a physician and have used the services of Line by Line for many years. After working with many transcription companies over the years, I have found Line by Line to be the most reliable. They send me my dictation on a timely basis and respond to me quickly when I need assistance, In addition, I dictate very fast and they are very accurate, which is a callenge. I give them my highest recommendation!"  Scott Zashin, M.D., Rheumatologist, Dallas, Texas

"Line by Line has serviced our transcription for 8 years with great customer support and personalized service. I know I can depend on my dictation to be returned within the 24-hour timeframe and if I need something urgently it will be completed in no time at no extra charge. I have found the EMR to be clunky and, in my opinion, does not deliver the promises that are touted for it. I am going to copy and paste my transcribed notes into the government mandated EMR to save time." – Edic Stephanian, M.D., Vascular Surgery, North Dallas Surgical Specialists - Dallas, Texas

"Line by Line Medical Transcription has been our professional transcription service since 2002.  Our office has remained their customer because they are the best service we have ever encountered. The transcriptions are completed with less than a 24 hour turnaround time and are always professional in appearance. Any problems are promptly addressed.  I would highly recommend Line by Line Medical Transcription." William Sheldon, M.D., Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine, Diplomate, Subspecialty of Endocrinology and Metabolism

"Line-by-Line has served my transcription needs for over a decade. The typical turnaround time is 24 hours, and the accuracy level is nearly 100%.  I find Line-by-Line much more convenient than electronic medical records and far more accurate than its competitors.  I am highly satisfied with Line-by-Line's service and recommend them without hesitation." Ronald M. Friedman, M.D. - Director, West Plano Plastic Surgery Center, Former Chief of Plastic Surgery, Parkland Memorial Hospital

"I could not give a higher recommendation than the one I have for LBL.  As a major oncology center in the western part of the United States, we have tried many different options to meet our very technical and specific transcription needs.  From a local transcription service to an in-house employee to Kelly’s service, we have found Line-By-Line  to be far superior in service, commitment to quality and reliability!  Kelly and her team always work to keep us going, and we are so thankful!  I recommend  this company’s services without reservation!" – Peggy Allred, Administrator, Rocky Mountain Oncology - Casper, Wyoming

"Line By Line has been providing transcription services for my radiology practice since 2006.  The service I have received has been outstanding.  Report accuracy and report turnaround times have exceeded my expectations. Because I have the same three transcriptionists who are dedicated specifically to my dictation, they know my dictation style, high speed of dictation and personal preferences, which in turn produces an exceptionally high-quality and accurate report. Kelly, Lisa and the transcriptionist team have been incredibly responsive to my requests, concerns, and individual needs.  LBL gets my highest recommendation."  -  Charles Tsai, M.D. - Virtual Orthopedic Imaging

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