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Global Document Access

Are you at home? In the office? On the road? It makes no difference to Line by Line. You can retrieve your transcription anywhere as long as you have an internet connection or a smartphone. Once the dictation is received and transcribed, documents are returned to you in the fashion of your choice: Either through our secure web portal, ShareFile delivery or entered directly into your dedicated EHR/EMR.

Web Portal

Our newest and most convenient delivery option is our web portal. With this option, you and your staff are given secure log-in credentials. From here, you are able to choose what to do once you have gained access. The options are widespread. You can choose to edit a document directly from the portal, electronically sign and distribute to a referring provider, print, download to your PC and store these documents indefinitely. Features such as personalized messages and search criterion allow the end user a robust portal experience. Locate reports by patient name, date of dictation or visit or provider. You can check the status of your dictation (where it is in the transcription process) and even listen to the audio file if there is a question about something that was typed. This feature is accessible from any internet-connected device, including a home or work PC and even a smartphone. By far the most robust option, the web portal lets you run your office right at your fingertips!


Via this method, dictation is transcribed directly into our web portal for immediate provider access. Hired staff then loads these notes directly into the client’s EMR. We work with numerous different electronic health record programs and are capable of working with yours, too. This delivery feature does add a slight delay in turnaround as the loading of these notes is done at the end of each business day. Again, however, the transcription itself is available immediately following release from QA and is accessible by your staff through our web portal should you need something urgently.


One option for document delivery is our secure file transfer software known as ShareFile. ShareFile is a HIPAA-compliant Citrix product that allows for the end user to retrieve their transcription by logging into the ShareFile portal. Via this method, each user has a dedicated log-in and password, providing for security and HIPAA compliance. If away from the office, completed documents can be reviewed and accessed directly from the web or from a free, downloadable app on your smartphone.

File Retention

Line by Line retains copies of all transcribed documents indefinitely for all existing clients. These documents are stored in redundant environments should one server become unavailable or unresponsive. Simply contact Support should a file be lost or needed immediately and a copy can be redirected. If a client terminates the relationship with Line by Line, all files pertaining to that customer are retained for 30 days and then permanently purged. THESE FILES WILL NOT BE ACCESSIBLE FOLLOWING THIS 30-DAY PERIOD.

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